IllumiFlexTM flexible LED strips makes your project simple with easy connectivity and a variety of configurations.

  • Easily Connects with IllumiSnap connectors to IllumiSci LED devices such as IllumiTile Light Engines, IllumiFlexTM LED Strips and IllumAdjust Dimmers (optional)
  • UL Listed
  • White Color Temperatures Available: 3000K CCT, 4500K CCT, 6000K CCT with 60 LED/meter or 120 LED/Meter
  • RGBW Pixel LED strips with 30 LED/meter or 60 LED/Meter


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Quality Flexible LED StripsIllumiFlexTM flexible LED strips are not your grandmother’s LED strips. They have a genuine UL certified file, and are offered in a variety of common configurations and color temperatures to accommodate your illumination system needs. They are made to IllumiSci’s strict specifications to be robust and offer high quality light and features. Plus, with the IllumiSnapTM option, they can snap together with many other IllumiSci® LED lighting system devices such as the IllumiTile Light Engine or IllumAdjust dimmers (for white LED’s). This means that connecting a system can be as simple as snapping together IllumiSci’s® pre-configured devices!

Our high quality pixel LED’s strips offer color flexibility with red, green, blue and cool white per LED with a WS2812 control method. Make chases, graphics or just about any type of image when using an appropriate control front-end system.

Light Output

60 LED/Meter = 420 Lumens (White Strips)
120 LED/Meter = 810 Lumens (White Strips)


4.8W/M for 60 LED/Meter White LED strips
9.6W/M for 120 LED/Meter White LED strips
9.5W/M for 30 LED/Meter RGBW Pixel LED strips
19W/M for 60 LED/Meter RGBW Pixel LED strips


8mm Wide X 5 Meters (per reel) (White Strips)
12mm Wide X 5 Meters (per reel) (RGBW Strips)

Total Array Circuit Power

12V DC 5A (60 Watts, Class 2)

Mounting Methods

3M Peelable Adhesive Backing


IllumiSnapTM Harnesses (for White IllumiFlexTM LED Strips)
IllumiSnap 3-Pin Pixel LED Connectors
Solder Pads

Color Temperature

60 LED/Meter – Warm White, 60 LED/Meter – Neutral White, 60 LED/Meter – Cool White, 120 LED/Meter – Warm White, 120 LED/Meter – Neutral White, 120 LED/Meter – Cool White, 30 LED/Meter – Cool White, 60 LED/Meter – RGBW

Thermal Managment

Convection cooling for open installations with Room Temperature Environments not exceeding 95 °F (35 °C)
Forced-Air (Fan Cooling) for use in enclosures


White – IllumAdjustTM Dimmers (recommended) or other 12V DC Dimmers
RGBW – IllumiSci DMX to SPI Converter Module


IllumiSnapTM Harnesses
Solder Pads (optional for connection to IllumiFlexTM LED Strips only)


IllumiFlexTM can be snapped together with other IllumiSci products or it can be soldered.

IllumiTile® LED Light Engines
IllumAdjustTM Dimmers
IllumiSci® 12V DC LED Products
IllumiPowerTM LED Power Supplies and LED Drivers

Safety Certification

UL Listed – Class 2

Patented Design

Very effective design and features offer exceptional versatility.