IllumiSci® LED System Analyzer

Assess the Voltage, Current and Power of your LED System Quickly and Easily.

IllumiFlex flexible LED strips makes your project simple with easy connectivity and a variety of configurations.

  • Easily Connects with IllumiSnap connectors to IllumiSci®
      LED devices such as IllumiTile®Light Engines, IllumiFlex LED Strips and IllumAdjust Dimmers (optional).Also, has bare leads to connect to many LED systems or circuits.
  • Works with 12 to 24 Volts DC (non-PWM)
  • Easily Connects to evaluate an LED system’s
      Voltage, Current and Power
  • Comes with a variety of IllumiSnap adapter
      harnesses and bare-leads
  • Stylish semi-hard accessory case
  • Maximum of 60 Watts per circuit (Class 2)


No need anymore for complicated test equipment to see how your lighting system is working! Using the IllumiSci® System Analyzer (ISA) is very simple. Just disconnect the power source from where it connects to the LED array, then snap it in. When you are finished, then simply remove it from the system, and reconnect. Knowing your system performance is now that simple!

Once connected, the ISA will utilize the system’s non-PWM 12-24VDC power source and display Power (in Watts), Voltage and Current so that you can easily determine system configuration performance.

The IllumiSci® System Analyzer comes with IllumiSnap compatible harnesses attached, along with a variety of adapter harnesses containing various genders and bare leads to accommodate your system needs.

Note that IllumiSci® LED system Analyzer should be used only on a system with a Class 2 (60W or lower) Power supply.


Up to 60W (used with a 12VDC Class 2 power supply)


IllumiSnapTM male connectors on the device.
A variety of harnesses are included to adapt to IllumiSci devices and to other systems/circuits. (M-F, F-F, M-Bare, M-Barrel)


IllumiFlexTM can be snapped together with other IllumiSci products or it can be soldered.

IllumiTile® LED Light Engines
IllumFlexTM Flexible LED Strips
IllumAdjustTM Dimmers
IllumiSci® 12V DC LED Products

IllumiPowerTM LED Power Supplies and LED Drivers


Xxmm L x xxmmW x xxmmH


Voltage, Current, Power

Input Voltage

12VDC to 24VDC (non-WPM, Steady State)


Recreational Vehicles
Camper Lighting
Cove Lighting
Accent/Effects/Task Lighting
Movie and Game Room Lighting
Home Theater Backlighting
Under-Cabinet or In-Cabinet Lighting
Shelf Lighting
Drawer Lighting


Retail Display Lighting
Product Manufacturing
Point of Sale Display Lighting
Hotel & Restaurant Lighting Effects
Bar Lighting Effects
Sign and Graphics Display Illumination
Architectural Model Lighting
Storefront Display
(Dry & Room Temperature Only)
TV and Entertainment Unit Lighting
Desk Area Lighting
Workbench/Task Area Lighting
Display Case Lighting
(Dry & Room Temperature Only)
Accent & Decor Lighting
Under Cabinet Lighting
Photography/Film/TV Lighting


Model Train Lighting
Model Lighting
Craft Lighting

Car & Vehicle Interior Lighting

(Requires an IllumiSci Regulator)
Automotive Interior Accent Lighting
Boats and Marine Crafts
(for non-wet areas)
Interior Effects Lighting
Parade Float Lighting
Stage Vehicle Lighting

IllumiSci System Analyzer Guide r1.0.0