UNUM Platform with IllumiTile® Light Engine

Illuminate Your Project Quickly and Easily

UNUM Platforms with IllumiTile® LED arrays are extremely versatile backlighting LED Panels, and deliver even dispersion with high-brightness, and do not have the many problems associated with flexible LED sheets!

Get Multiple benefits by using the UNUM Platform:

  • Innovative Patented Design
  • Built-in cable chase
  • Acts as a heatsink
  • Enhanced heat dissipation by providing a thermal channel
  • Innovative Patent Pending Design
  • Uses the innovative IllumiTile Light Engine
  • Extremely versatile use
  • Mounts easily with screws for frontal or rear service access
  • Easily connects between platforms with IllumiSnap harnesses
  • Can be used for backlighting and many other lighting applications
  • Made in the USA!

Model Versions

Series 1 – 2835 Metric

Series 2 – 5050 Metric
2×4 UNUM: IS-IT-89MM-UNUM-2X4-….CCT- ..VDC-B
3×3 UNUM: IS-IT-89MM-UNUM-3X3-….CCT- ..VDC-B

(in place of “….” insert CCT and 12 or 24 for VDC)


IllumiTile® Light Engine (ILE) offers an innovative, high quality and very simple solution to create a large, flat LED array for whatever want to you build it into. Edge-lit solutions don’t even come close to the light output capability and versatility of IllumiTile®. Plus, IllumiTile® Light Engines have patented design and are UL Listed.


IllumiTile® LED arrays use the same IllumiSnap™ connections that are used in most other IllumiSci© LED lighting system devices. This means that connecting a system can be as simple as snapping together IllumiSci’s® pre-configured devices with IllumiSnap connectors or harnesses.


Get very bright, wide and even dispersion (no noticeable spotting) at just one inch from the IllumiTile® array with most 1/4” diffusion materials. The IllumiTile® patented technology makes it possible to configure to your heart’s desire!


As with all of IllumiSci’s® products, IllumiTile LED arrays offer a lower power, lower heat and reliable “green” solution compared to many other lighting devices. Note that UL Compliance requires using only IllumiSci® UL Listed harnesses with a Class 2 Power supply.


2×2, 2×4, 3×3, 4×5
(not shown) 1×2, 1×3

All sizes available for both Series 1 2835 and Series 2 5050

Outer Dimensions

Length x Width
2×2: 7.9" x 7.9"
2×4: 8.5" x 17.0"
3×3: 12.8" x 12.8"
4×5: 15.8" x 15.8"

Height: 1.1" (without IllumiTiles attached)

Mounting Methods

Screw Holes
Four Holes : 2×2, 2×4, 3×3, 1×2, 1×3
Six Holes: 4×5


IllumiSnap™ Harnesses
* Input
* Interconnectivity between UNUM Platforms

Packaging Available

Bulk Pack Only

Thermal Management

Convection Cooling with available airflow access into room. Use in Room Temperature Environments not exceeding 95 °F (35 °C) or use Forced-Air (Fan Cooling) when used in enclosures


Uses IllumiTile Light Engines (both Series 1 2835 and Series 2 5050)

See IllumiTile product page for electrical and performance data.

Patent Pending Design

Very effective design and features offer exceptional versatility.


Backlit Walls

Luminous Ceilings

Backlit Art

Recreational Vehicles
Camper Lighting
Cove Lighting
Accent/Effects/Task Lighting
Movie and Game Room Lighting
Home Theater Backlighting
Under-Cabinet or In-Cabinet Lighting<
Shelf Lighting
Drawer Lighting


Retail Display Lighting
Product Manufacturing
Point of Sale Display Lighting
Hotel & Restaurant Lighting Effects
Bar Lighting Effects
Sign and Graphics Display Illumination
Architectural Model Lighting
Storefront Display
(Dry & Room Temperature Only)
TV and Entertainment Unit Lighting
Desk Area Lighting
Workbench/Task Area Lighting
Display Case Lighting
(Dry & Room Temperature Only)
Accent & Decor Lighting
Under Cabinet Lighting
Photography/Film/TV Lighting


Model Train Lighting
Model Lighting
Craft Lighting

Car & Vehicle Interior Lighting

(Requires an IllumiSci Regulator)
Automotive Interior Accent Lighting
Boats and Marine Crafts (for non-wet areas)
Interior Effects Lighting
Parade Float Lighting
Stage Vehicle Lighting

A: Standard color temperatures of Warm White (3000K CCT), Neutral White (4500K CCT) and Cool White (6000K CCT) with 80+ CRI are commonly stocked. (90+ CRI available). Specific color temperatures are available through special order.
A: Configuring an IllumiTile array is very simple, and requires at least a basic understanding of electrical principles such as voltage, current, power and heat. To configure an array, you need to know the dimensions of the areas you want to illuminate and the environment in which it will be installed. If you need, you are welcomed to contact IllumiSci for help.
A: We refer to an “array” as the overall matrix of IllumiTile Light Engines. However, an array with higher quantities, usually more than 35 IllumiTile light Engines, the entire array will need to be separated into individual “array circuits.” The number of IllumiTile Light Engines that can be used in an array is limitless since multiple array circuits can be placed next to each other for a larger coverage area with even and continuous lighting. However, the number of IllumiTile Light Engines in an array circuit depends on how the circuit is configured with IllumiSnap harnesses. The actual maximum quantity of IllumiTile Light Engines and harnesses is determined by a maximum of 60 Watts (Class 2) for a circuit. Up to 20 IllumiTile light engines can be used on a single (60W, Class 2) circuit.
A: The easiest way to determine the load of an IllumiTile Light Engine array circuit is to use an IllumiSci System Analyzer since it can be easily connected and displays Voltage, Current and Power (Watts). If you like, you can use a multimeter to assess the system load. As with all LED devices, please note that the load may vary with temperature so testing at temperatures +/- 15 degrees from 25 degrees Celsius is prudent to observe the load changes.
A: IllumiTile Light Engines are rated at three watts (3W) each by UL. Being that IllumiTile Light Engine arrays are scalable systems, the load will vary, depending on the array circuit configuration with harnesses. A simple calculation of 3 Watts multiplied by the desired number of IllumiTile Light Engines can be done to approximate the load. (3W x IllumiTile Qty.) It is always best to assemble an array and measure the load, and consider any thermal extremes where the array will be installed. Usually a derating factor of 10% to 20% for the power supply is used to provide a performance margin for variances in the load. That means, as an example, if the load is determined to be 30 Watts, then add the derating factor (20% used here) to determine the minimum 36 Watt power rating of the power supply. Any power supply used should be a Class 2 and UL Listed. The maximum allowed power rating by Class 2 is 60 Watts. Please see the IllumiTile Light Engine User Guide for more details on choosing a power supply and derating, or simply ask IllumiSci customer service.
A: Yes, IllumiTile Light Engines are dimmable using common methods such as PWM.
A: Yes, any 12VDC power supply that is rated Class 2 and UL Listed can be used. However, there are many low grade power supplies available on the market. Consider that performance, safety and results do vary greatly. IllumiSci offers quality power supplies that are tested to work with IllumiSci products.
A: IllumiSci recommends that only IllumiSnapTM harnesses are used in a system. Doing so is required for UL compliance. IllumiTile Light Engines do contain solder pads that can be used to connect IllumiFlex LED strips to further enhance the ability to configure specific shape areas.
A: IllumiTile Light Engines should not be used in a wet, humid or outdoor environment. They should be used indoors and in dry environments, only.
A: Often IllumiTile Light Engines are convection cooled, but in circumstances where temperatures may rise above 45C, the array is more than 15 in quantity or the IllumiTile Light Engine array is partially encapsulated (with input/output vents), cooling fans may be necessary. Cooling fans should be placed so that a forced path across the IllumiTile Light Engines arrays occurs, and heated air is exhausted from the enclosure so as to maintain approximately 25C in the array environment.
A: No. An IllumiTile Light Engine array circuit should be connected to only one power supply/driver. However, in some circumstances having multiple connections from the one power supply may be desirable for load balancing purposes. If you need, you are welcomed to contact IllumiSci for help.

LED backlighting vs. Edge Lighting: Advantages of Using LED Backlighting Panels Compared to LED Backlighting Strips

You might be wondering, “How does LED backlighting work?” Backlighting with LED technology is the new standard, and has some considerations.

Using LED’s behind a diffusor panel as opposed to around (edge Lighting) is a much better option as for types of LED backlighting to use. Plexiglass LED backlighting such as for LED art backlighting can be accomplished by placing the LED backlighting array behind the diffusion material, thus making it “backlit.” The LED backlight will provide a much brighter and more even distribution of light, which is a tremendous advantage, especially with high ambient light. Applying and connecting many linear LED strips is complicated and fraught with problems. Two-dimensional LED backlighting modules such as the IllumiTile system just makes sense. Using a simple LED backlighting system such as the IllumiTile as direct LED backlighting with local dimming is a common option.

Pitfalls of Flexible LED backlight and LED Backlighting Sheets

You will find that there are several LED backlights for sale to both commercial consumers and DIY’s. Of course, a quality LED backlight is critical for commercial applications. Many LED backlighting modules on the market have problems and challenges for common applications such as with flexible LED sheets and other LED light panel backlighting for sale on the Internet. Flexible sheets may appear to be a better option, but prove to have several problems such as a lack of high brightness, minimal heatsinking and unevenness across the mounting area, just to name a few. Although the costs of a rigid LED backlighting kit may be slightly higher, there are many benefits, especially for commercial and hospitality applications.

Luminous Ceilings & Custom Luminaires

Luminous ceilings are a common use of modular LED backlighting. Commonly, a safe hanging structure is designed and fabricated to hold the desired luminous area for a ceiling.

Custom luminaires can be created, easily using the IllumiTile system. The smaller modular size makes creating custom shapes, simple.

LED Backlighting Techniques: Only Limited by Your Imagination

LED Light Panels for Backlighting Onyx or Stone

The IllumiTile system is an excellent option for backlighting Onyx or LED backlighting for stone since it is high quality, bright and easily serviceable, if the need should ever arise. Note that serviceability of interior LED backlighting is very important for any LED system. Simply make a removable panel or panels that will be placed under the stone and attach the IllumiTiles. Make sure that the panels can be easily removed in case servicing is necessary.

LED Backlighting for Signs

Signs are a unique type of LED Backlighting. In general, “signs” vary greatly. UL acknowledges signs as a completely different category from all other types of similar lighting. The difference between signs and “displays” can be quite varied different as well. When making a sign, especially an outdoor sign, be sure that whatever LED backlighting is being used, is designs for that type of application. IllumiTile is for interior use with little to no humidity.

LED Backlighting for Furniture

LED desk backlighting is one of the common types of LED backlighting ideas. Many lobbies and homes now have backlit desks as a fun and creative lighting effect. The IllumiTile system works very well for desk lighting as it makes it a snap to configure and install.

LED Backlighting for Photography and Video

The IllumiTile is a simple and effective LED backlighting technology for photography and video. IllumiTile is available in both 80+ CRI and 90+ CRI, if higher color rendering is needed. When building props or sets, IllumiTile makes lighting simple. Plus, it is reusable.

LED backlighting for Art and LED Backlighting for Stained Glass

The IllumiTile is an exceptionally good solution for lighting art or glass from behind. LED picture backlights and applications like stained glass backlighting, although still simple, require somewhat more consideration. The type of diffusion material (such as glass) and its opacity should be considered. The simple way to assess the look would be a get one or a few IllumiTiles and experiment. Glass that is not very opaque (somewhat clear) may need a diffusion panel behind it so that the LED backlighting is not easily seen. Another option may be to make more space between the diffusion plane or glass to obscure the LED backlight equipment.