IllumiSnap™ 2 Harness

Connect Your IllumiSci LED Devices Easily and Safely with IllumiSnapTM Harnesses

IllumiSnapTM Harnesses make connecting your IllumiSci products simple, with many options

  • Easily Connects IllumiSci LED devices such as IllumiTile Light Engines, IllumiFlexTM LED Strips and IllumAdjust Dimmers
  • UL Listed as part of the an IllumiTile® System
  • Maximum of 60 Watts (12VDC, 5A) per circuit (Class 2)
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IllumiSnap harnesses make connecting your IllumiSci devices simple and safe. IllumiSnapTM harnesses are UL Listed, come in a variety of lengths and genders to accommodate your system needs and are compatible with many other IllumiSci® LED lighting system devices such as the IllumiTile Light Engine. This means that connecting a system can be as simple as snapping together IllumiSci’s® pre-configured devices!

Note that UL Compliance requires using only IllumiSci UL Listed harnesses with a Class 2 Power supply.


IllumiTile® LED Light Engines
IllumiFlexTM Flexible LED Strips
IllumAdjustTM Dimmers
IllumiSci® 12V DC LED Products