B11 LED Bulb

Chandelier Flame Styling and High Quality Light Output

High Quality LED Bulbs with High Quality Light Output

  • Retro Vintage B11 LED Candelabra Light Bulb with Warm White,
      E12 Base (Standard Base)
  • Great for stylized environments. Looks like a power
      consumption! (Replaces a 60W Incandescent Bulb with a similar amount of light output)
  • Dimmable (We recommend modern dimmers for the best results.)
  • Instant-on Technology (No more waiting, like with other bulbs!)
  • Brightness: 500 Lumens with 90+CRI (Realistic and
      quality light output, much better than 80CRI.)

Model Versions


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IllumiSci® is an American company that resides in the USA, maintains high quality manufacturing standards and offers super cool lighting products! Being an LED product company, we saw the need for better quality products and set-out to offer them at a reasonable price. We put thoughtful care into design and control of manufacturing, unlike most others looking to capitalize purely on volume and price. That’s what makes us different! Our products have cool styling, save energy and help the environment.

This bulb has fun Retro-Vintage Candelabra (Candle) style. Note that it is not an effects type bulb, and does not flicker like a flame. It resembles the old-style bulbs with its tapered design. It’s a truly cool and fun way to give an environment a retro or vintage feel. Incandescent bulbs that have a tungsten filament have been mostly replaced by LED bulbs being that the power consumption of an LED bulb is a just a fraction of what an incandescent bulb would consume.

This bulb offers a low 5.5 watts of consumption with 500 lumens of light output, which is similar to the light output of a 60 Watt old-school incandescent bulb. It offer 90 CRI (Color Rendering Index) light output quality which means that it is a higher quality and much more warm, soft and pleasant than a common 80 CRI bulb that can look thin. This is because simpler LED’s have a limited light spectrum, and it requires care to make the spectrum more full. Plus, we use a unique high quality glass that enhances the retro look.

For dimming we recommend modern Lutron dimmers. Plus, older dimmers use very different methods, so results may vary greatly when using older or other types. If you are unsure about your dimmer(s), we recommend that you purchase one to evaluate how your dimmer will work with a bulb before purchasing many.

We hope you enjoy many years of use of your IllumiSci® bulbs! We have put so much design and care into them!



Light Output & Color Rendering

2450K CCT (Very Warm), 90+CRI (Realistic Color Rendering)


AC110-130V 50/60HZ


5.5 Watts

Brightness (Light Output)

500 Lumens (Equivalent to a 60W Incandescent Bulb)

Color Temperature (CCT)

2450K, 2700K, 3000K, 4500K, 6000K



Bulb and Glass

B11 Bulb Type with Clear Glass (Other glass tints available.)

Safety & Certifications

UL Listed for US and Canada, CE, Energy Star, RoHS, Lead Free, Title 24 (for California)


3 Years

Control & Dimming

Lutron or Leviton dimmers recommended.


22 Years @ 3 hours/day (25,000 hours)


For indoor use only. Not for moist or wet environments. Not for emergency exits.

Bulb Dimensions

3.86” Long x 1.37” Dia (max)


0.6 oz (Bulb Only)

Commercial & Residential Lighting Applications

Retail Display Lighting
Product Manufacturing
Point of Sale Display Lighting
Hotel Lighting
Restaurant Lighting
Bar Lighting Effects
Storefront Display
Kitchen Lighting
Bedroom Lighting
Desk Area Lighting
Living Room Lighting
Task Area Lighting
Accent & Decor Lighting
Photography/Film/TV Lighting
Garage Lighting
Retro Look Lighting
Retail Display Lighting
Point of Sale Display Lighting
Hotel &amp; Restaurant Lighting
Bar Lighting Effects
Storefront Display
Desk Area Lighting
Workbench/Task Area Lighting
Accent &amp; Decor Lighting
Chandelier Lighting
Candelabra Lighting
Photography/Film/TV Lighting