IllumiPower 20W Commercial LED Driver

Use Quality IllumiSci® Approved Power Supplies and Commercial LED Drivers

  • 20 Watt 12V DC, UL Listed Class 2 Drive
  • 0-10V dimming option included
  • Power Supplies and LED Drivers easily connect with an
      IllumiSnap® powerharness to an IllumiSci® LED Strips and IllumAdjust Dimmers (optional)

Model Versions


IllumiPower is a designation for LED Drivers and power supplies that have been tested and approved to work with IllumiSci® LED devices. No more headaches trying to determine which power supplies will offer clean and stable power for your illumination project as we have prequalified them for you.


IllumiSci® approves and offers only quality power sources to use with IllumiSci® LED devices. Two types are commonly used, “Desktop” power supplies and commercial LED drivers. Both are constant voltage types that allow you flexibility in scaling your LED array


LED Drivers are for commercial installations where high-voltage wiring input within a NEMA enclosure is appropriate. The approved Fulham drivers offer 0-10V dimming as a standard, but is optional for use. They are UL Class 2 certified and offer stable power with over current protection. They have bare wire outputs that can connect to a flying lead IllumiSnap harness for easy connection to an IllumiSci®LED device.

Note that UL Compliance requires using only IllumiSci® UL Listed harnesses with a Class 2 Power supply.


Please see the Downloads tab for downloadable documents that contain the specifications

IllumiPower can be snapped together with other IllumiSci® products or it can be soldered.

• IllumiTile® LED Light Engines
• IllumiFlex® Flexible LED Strips
• IllumAdjust Dimmers
• IllumiSci® 12V DC LED Products

Commercial Installation

Retail Display Lighting
Product Manufacturing
Point of Sale Display Lighting
Hotel & Restaurant Lighting Effects
Bar Lighting Effects
Sign and Graphics Display Illumination
Architectural Model Lighting
Storefront Display
(Dry & Room Temperature Only)
TV and Entertainment Unit Lighting
Desk Area Lighting
Workbench/Task Area Lighting
Display Case Lighting
(Dry & Room Temperature Only)
Accent & Decor Lighting
Under Cabinet Lighting
Photography/Film/TV Lighting