IllumiFlex Pixel LED Strip (30 LED/M)

High Quality LED Strips that are Ideal for Commercial or Residential Use

IllumiFlexLED strips are extremely versatile, and deliver even dispersion with high-brightness!

  • Warm White (3000K CCT)
  • UL Listed
  • 12V DC
  • High quality flexible circuit strips distribute current more effectively
      than common LED strips to minimize voltage drop.
  • Extremely Versatile Design
  • 12V DC
  • Eco Friendly with Low Power Consumption
  • Easily connects with IllumiSnap™ harnesses to the
      IllumiSci® Modular Family of Products
  • Mounts easily with high quality adhesive
  • Designed to work with a Class 2 power supply
  • Dimmable

Model Versions



Our IllumiFlex® Addressable Pixel LED Strips (a.k.a. LED Tape) are designed and manufactured to work well for commercial applications where light quality and robustness are important. IllumiFlex® Flexible LED strips offer a simple, high quality and robust solution to create dramatic, multi-color LED effects with individually addressable LED’s. Use IllumISci devices for control, or use your desired control front-end.

For smaller array applications, use the IllumiSci® and SPI Converters (decoder) make your pixel array simple and easily controllable. As with all of our products, we focus upon robustness of design and longevity so that our products perform in commercial environments.

  • Simple to configure
  • Offered in 60 LED/M or 30 LED/M
  • WS2812 Protocol
  • Works with multiple type of pixel LED control devices
  • RGBW (Red, Green Blue, White)



DC (Min 4.7VDC, Maximum 5.6VDC, not polarity protected)


9 Watts/Meter

Current (per Meter)


Pin Allocations

3-Pin JST Male/Female with additional power leads (+5VDC, GND)
GND: White
Signal: Green
+5VDC: Red

Control Protocol


Beam Angle

120 Degrees

LED Type


LED Spacing

30 LED/M 33.4mm

Length (per Reel)

5 Meters

IP Rating (Moisture & Dust Rating)

IP 20 (Dry, interior environments only)

Life Expectancy

50,000 Hours

PCB (Strip or Tape Width)

10mm (0.34”)


2.15mm (0.09”)

LED Pitch (Spacing)

30 LED’s per Meter

Addressable LED Colors



-40 to 60°C Operating Temperature

Cuttable Segment Length (1 LED)

33.34mm (1.32”)


IllumISci One year Warranty (Limited)

IllumiFlex Addressable Pixel LED Strip can be used with the DMX-SPI Converter Module or other appropriate front-end control systems since it utilizes the WS2812 protocol.

The IllumiSci® Pixel LED Converter Module can be used with a variety of pixel LED strip protocols. See specifications for details.

<a href=””>IllumiSci Product Family Datasheet r1.4.0</a>

<a href=””>IllumiFlex User Manual r1.4</a>


Recreational Vehicles Camper Lighting Cove Lighting Accent/Effects/Task Lighting Movie and Game Room Lighting Home Theater Backlighting Under-Cabinet or In-Cabinet Lighting Shelf Lighting Drawer Lighting


Retail Display Lighting Product Manufacturing Point of Sale Display Lighting Hotel & Restaurant Lighting Effects Bar Lighting Effects Sign and Graphics Display Illumination Architectural Model Lighting Storefront Display (Dry & Room Temperature Only) TV and Entertainment Unit Lighting Desk Area Lighting Workbench/Task Area Lighting Display Case Lighting (Dry & Room Temperature Only) Accent & Decor Lighting Under Cabinet Lighting Photography/Film/TV Lighting


Model Train Lighting Model Lighting Craft Lighting