LED Drivers

Use Q-Tran Drivers to Power IllumiTile®

QTM-DRIVE is an LED power supply for DMX or DALI control, and is available in 12VDC or 24VDC from 60 to 200 watts of power. The QTM-DRIVE utilizes eldoLED LINEARdrive drivers and is suitable for indoor use. Power supplies and modules are pre-wired along with convenient terminal blocks for power and control wiring. The housing can be recessed or surface mounted.

  • DMX or DALI controllable
  • Prewired for easy Connectivity
  • Class 2 output
  • Can fit up to 2 drivers
  • Surface or recess mount capable
  • Four 12VDC or 24VDC controllable outputs per driver
  • Standby power: < 0.5W
  • Flicker free operation
  • Built-in surge protection: 3kV (L to N), 4kV (L/N to GND)
  • Efficiency: 90% at full load, ≥ 87% above 50W output
  • Power factor: > 0.94
  • THD @ full load : <10%
  • DMX dimming down to 0.1%
  • Surface or Recessed Mounting
  • Indoor Use
  • 3 years warranty (from Q-Tran)
  • CSA #239924 Low Voltage Lighting System


IllumiTile 10x12 Array with Drivers and Controls












Model Versions

12VDC – Non-Dimable
QTM-ELED-60-UNV/12+N/A-WH (One Driver/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-120-UNV/12+N/A-WH (Two Drivers/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-180-UNV/12+N/A-WH (Three Drivers/Enclosure)

12VDC – Dimable
QTM-ELED-60-UNV/12+0-10V-WH (One Driver/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-120-UNV/12+0-10V-WH (Two Drivers/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-180-UNV/12+0-10V-WH (Three Drivers/Enclosure)

24VDC – Non-Dimable
QTM-ELED-100-UNV/24+N/A-WH (One Driver/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-200-UNV/24+N/A-WH (Two Drivers/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-300-UNV/24+N/A-WH (Three Drivers/Enclosure)

24VDC – Dimable
QTM-ELED-100-UNV/24+0-10V-WH (One Driver/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-200-UNV/24+0-10V-WH (Two Drivers/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-300-UNV/24+0-10V-WH (Three Drivers/Enclosure)

24VDC – DMX Dimable
QTM-ELED-100-UNV/24+DMX-WH (One Driver/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-200-UNV/24+DMX-WH (Two Drivers/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-300-UNV/24+DMX-WH (Three Drivers/Enclosure)

24VDC – White Dimable
QTM-ELED-100-UNV/24+AW-WH (One Driver/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-200-UNV/24+AW-WH (Two Drivers/Enclosure)
QTM-ELED-300-UNV/24+AW-WH (Three Drivers/Enclosure)


IllumiTile® Applications


IllumiTile® Light Engine (ILE) offers an innovative, high quality and very simple solution to create a large, flat LED array for whatever want to you build it into. Edge-lit solutions don’t even come close to the light output capability and versatility of IllumiTile®. Plus, IllumiTile® Light Engines have patented design and are UL Listed.


IllumiTile® LED arrays use the same IllumiSnap™ connections that are used in most other IllumiSci© LED lighting system devices. This means that connecting a system can be as simple as snapping together IllumiSci’s® pre-configured devices with IllumiSnap connectors or harnesses.


Get very bright, wide and even dispersion (no noticeable spotting) at just one inch from the IllumiTile® array with most 1/4” diffusion materials. The IllumiTile® patented technology makes it possible to configure to your heart’s desire!


As with all of IllumiSci’s® products, IllumiTile LED arrays offer a lower power, lower heat and reliable “green” solution compared to many other lighting devices. Note that UL Compliance requires using only IllumiSci® UL Listed harnesses with a Class 2 Power supply.

Current, max per driver

1.05A at 120V/60Hz, 0.5A at 230V/50H, 0.45A at 277V/60Hz

Power per driver

100W max

Power per channel

60W max


12V/24V output

Current RGBW @ 12V

1.25A per output RGBW @ 24V, 1A per output

RGB @ 12V

1.66A per output

RGB @ 24V

1.33A per output

Current max

5A common anode

Ta operating range

-40°F ~ +122°F

Tc max



50K hours at 122°F


480,000 hours

  • Class 2 output
  • Class A sound rating
  • FCC: Title 47CFR Part 15 Class B
  • The wiring inside electrical enclosures shall comply with the 600V/105 ºC or higher.
  • CSA certified: UL-2108, UL-8750, CSA C22.2 No 250.0-08, CSA C22.2 No 250.13-14

NOTE: All measurements have been carried out at maximum load in free air without heat sink.

  • Ta operating range : -40°F ~ +122°F
  • Tc max : 185°F
  • Lifetime : 50K hours at 122°F
  • MTBF : 480,000 hours